Journey to the Native Americans: premiere of the baby play

New Housekeeper

In the cozy chamber theater «Fanny Bell’s House», where unique performances for children of all ages take place, another premiere will soon take place! From March 21, «Fanny Bell’s House» invites kids from 1-4 years old and their parents to the premiere of the play «Pow-wow»


«Inspired by the culture of Native Americans, we decided to create a performance to which we would be happy to bring our own children. A performance where there is a space of free play and fantasy. And, of course, great music!» — say Tatiana Kargayeva and Tatiana Knyazeva, the directors of the play.
In the fabulous atmosphere of Native American culture, viewers will be able to sit next to a Shaman sitting in a teepee and listen to his story about the Quezal family of birds. The sensory rich environment and free space for its study will not let even the smallest viewers get bored. Here you can and should touch, listen, smell … and even bite!