Inter will draw «Destiny’s Choice» in the New Year


If you thought that melodrama and suspenseful detective — are mutually exclusive genres, the new picture of the film company Star Media «Destiny’s Choice» — will prove you otherwise.

— Our movie has a plot, which, I hope, the audience will be interesting to follow for several evenings — says the director of the picture Alik Budyonny. — For me, this movie was an opportunity to talk about family. About how important it is for each person. In our time, the value of such relationships are often forgotten, not taken into account. In this story, the happiness of others is built on the misfortune of some people. I would like the viewers to think about the value of time spent with loved ones, about the importance of such relationships.



100 years ahead

6 interesting facts about the painting

The movie is based on the novel «The Doom of Destiny» by Irina Tsvetkova. But the producer of the picture decided that the events should unfold a hundred years later than in the original story. The author «settled» his characters in the early XVII century, and for viewers, the story will begin at the end of the XX century. As a result, the characters turned out to be more recognizable and understandable to modern viewers.

Voiceless singer

According to the plot, the main character is a singer. Of course, in the frame she sings a lot. But the actress, who was approved for the main role, was not the most outstanding vocalist. That not to torture neither the actress nor the viewer — decided to invite a professional vocalist who will sing for Tatiana Kazantseva.

One for all

Tatiana Kazantseva not only played three completely different in character twins, but also their mother. Sometimes the actress in a matter of minutes had to reincarnate in a completely different image, in a person with his own type, habits, facial expressions.

«For any actress to play in one picture at once four heroines — a real gift — says Tatiana. — However, on the other hand, it is not as easy as it seems, as all your heroes should be different, with their own zest, their character. There were such shooting days, when you had to change into one heroine, then in half an hour in another … It was hard to switch so quickly, you had to say to yourself: «So, stop!»

In addition to my mother, I played three of her daughters. One girl, Olga, grew up in the circus with her adoptive father. Daria is more naive and spoiled, having grown up in a complete family and it comes as a shock to her when she finds out she’s a non-native. And a third character named Marina. This is a negative character, with my face and appearance.»

The technical school «played» the maternity hospital

Locations are often one of the main problems during the filming of historical movies. «»Destiny’s Choice»» was no exception. For example, a suitable building of the maternity hospital, in which the mother of the main characters dies, to find and could not. For that they found an old technical school, in which and filmed the necessary scene.

15 years in 20 minutes

Since the heroes of the picture live on the plot of more than 30 years, the film crew had to often use age makeup. And the actors «aged» for 20 minutes for 15 years. For example, Ilya Shakunov in one series will appear first in the age of 30-year-old man, and in another — already an imposing man of 45 years. Makeup artist Elena Pazich admits that aged Shakunov with the help of mustaches and gray hair. «There were times that a day we made new makeup from young to adult for only 20-25 minutes — said Elena.

Not recognized on the set

Makeup artists in the picture surpassed themselves. For example, having worked on the image of one of the twins Marina — they changed the actress beyond recognition. In the truest sense of the word. Tatiana Kazantseva not recognized on the set. «When the first time I grimimirulyu under Marina, and I came in this form on the set, no one recognized me! — says the actress. — I looked at me and thought: «what is this aunt walks here?», and only then recognized in me Marina».